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Blog Fox Media is an organic SEO company with years of experience in helping our clients get better organic ranking in the search engines. What is SEO? Follow this link and learn how utilizing our services will ensure business growth and help put your website, products and services within reach of your target market. Our SEO company staffs experienced professionals ready to take your brand and project it to a greater audience focusing on bringing a healthy ROI. Our SEO company offers the best in social media management, blogs, and a plethora of other SEO services to meet the business needs of every client. Blog Fox Media also operates with the goal to constantly improve and further our education by staying up-to-date in all industry changes big or small so we can offer our clients the best services the industry has to offer.

Our SEO company prides itself on the strong relationships we continue to build with our clients. With every client relationship we form, our company becomes richer. As Blog Fox Media is a smaller professional organic SEO consulting agency, we don’t have the massive overhead larger groups have and can therefore keep cost down and build closer relationships. Our SEO consultants take your business and incubate it while working hard to keep the relationship strong through clear and fluent lines of communication. Our SEO company also encompasses every aspect of marketing across the board. We are standing by to take your products and services and promote them using the latest organic SEO techniques to work expertly with Google’s algorithms. Without our valued clients finding success, we would fail.

Blog Fox Media was built on the foundation of providing the best customer service and communication while offering organic SEO services next to none. Your business is sacred to us, and although you may close your doors during certain hours, your online reputation is never on vacation. Therefore Blog Fox Media and our team of professional organic SEO consultants can be reached 24/7, 365 days a year to service our clients around the clock. No business should be limited to communicating with an SEO company via e-mail, or restricted to calling within set business hours. That is why we are here 24 hours a day, and why Blog Fox Media offers the best customer service in the industry. Call today to speak with an experienced SEO consultant and ask about your FREE consultation.  We are here to help you every step of the way.

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What Every SEO Consultant Should Know About Keyword Relevancy and Content in Google’s Hummingbird Landscape

On the day of its 15th anniversary celebration, Google unveiled its new algorithm impacting an estimated 90 percent searches on a global scale. Google called it “Hummingbird” and it is the biggest change Google has made in 10 years. Nearly every SEO company began sweating like a hooker in church, but upon learning these changes took place a month before the announcement, some sighs of relief could be heard throughout the industry. One thing was made painstakingly clear: the quality of all published content had to be impeccable. As a result the best SEO company placed keywords in the back seat to well written content with all the accouterments of a notable vocabulary and in depth Q&A formatting styles. But any quality SEO company will tell you that healthy keyword saturation still plays a vital oxygen supply to the lungs of SEO, and your SEO company for hire should be aware of this.

Keyword Density

Keyword density improves ranking, and this is a much heated subject that has spawn numerous debates from one SEO company to another. While some argue there is no magic number and that well-written content is the key, another SEO company will have their own proclaimed number or at least a range that any SEO company should be striving to hit.

Keyword density is the overall percentage when one uses a keyword in any given piece of posted content. A good SEO company will tell you that keyword percentage is important because it dictates how search engines read and interpret your content. In the Hummingbird landscape, Google now focuses more on the quality of the content but it also scans the content on your website and determines what the most frequently used keywords or keyword phrases are.  And as a result of their findings, Google will categorize your site and its authority accordingly. On one side of the fence you have the SEO company that believes a keyword density between 2 and 5 percent is ideal, whereas other SEO consultants will argue that a higher density between 5 and 7 is ideal. The trick is to not over saturate your content with keywords, or you run the risk of Google viewing your content as spam. However, a keyword density between 5 and 7 percent can be advantageous so long as it is cradled with high quality original content free of grammatical and spelling errors.

When it comes to title keyword density, your SEO company should shoot for anything between 30 and 75 percent. The search engines will see the titles before anything else, and therefore a healthy title keyword density will be a strong indicator that the main content will be as rich, and if in fact it is, you will be in a good place for striking SEO gold.

Content Quality

More than ever the demand for quality content in terms of SEO has never been more stressed since Google unleashed Hummingbird. But there have been other changes Google has thrown at even the best SEO company and other online marketers. The removal of the keyword tool was a major blow, but what it did was convey one very clear message to every SEO company out there: focus on creating high quality content to cradle your keywords.

First of all, Google’s quality guidelines are crystal clear in spelling out exactly what their algorithms are looking for:

  • Avoid black hat SEO tactics to improve search rankings.
  • Don’t deceive your users or readers.
  • Market your website by determining what makes it valuable, unique and how it can engage readers and consumers in a way that stands out in your industry.

The content itself should be well written and capture the reader’s attention. Use imaginative metaphors, inject a likable personality within your words, and be informative while making your content represent the product and services in a real way that showcases the client as an industry professional. A good SEO company should deploy an SEO consultant who not only understands the science of SEO, but who also masters the English language and has a gift for writing and marketing creatively. Your SEO company should be staffed with consultants who have the writing background and marketing knowhow to get the best results.


Gone are the days when any plastic SEO company could put on a consulting hat and claim to get its clients results. As Google has wised up to the tricks deployed by SEO hacks, the standards have been set for a good keyword density that rests between the low end of just hitting the radar to falling below the high end of spam, and good quality content is the component to fuel the website as a powerful marketing machine.




Links remain a vital component to good SEO. But ‘Forbes’ warns that negative SEO practices are performed by a number of SEO companies that cause more harm than good and ultimately leave the client requesting to get bad links removed.


When your SEO company applies a link building strategy to your website’s content, it should always be relevant to the content itself, have a high page ranking and come from an authoritative site like a government or state website. Linking to news sources like BBC News, The Washington Post and The New York Times is also a good practice, so long as the link sources relevant content.  Finally, if your SEO company is placing your primary keyword or key phrase in the same sentence as your link, your SEO juice will have a much higher search engine APV.

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